*Please arrange for child care, no children (or extra people) are allowed for safety and due to the small size of the studio. Thank you for your understanding. 

*No phone use during manicures (during pedi is fine). No cell phone allowed on manicure table. Nails damaged during service will result in additional charge to fix (time permitting). When phones are used during manicure services, results will not be optimal and therefore may not last as long. Repairs will not be done if it will cause the next client’s appointment to be delayed. Please leave phones off the table so that I can work and stay on time. Please silence your phone & remove SMART watches if they will be distracting for you.

*No food/drinks other than water is allowed in the studio. 

*Pedicure chair safety weight maximum for pedicures is 275 lbs. Please notify us if you need an accommodation. Please avoid leg hair removal 48 hours (not 2 days) before pedicures. 
*Bring or wear flat flip flops for all pedicures-even in winter. Be sure to check that your toe nails do not touch any part of the sandal. Repairs will not be done on nail polish damaged due to closed toe shoes or sandals that touch the nails when worn. Maintenance pedicure is exclusively for *maintenance on existing clients* who have followed daily after care between appointments. Please book the correct pedicure based on the condition of your feet and toenails. Clients with conditions requiring medical attention will not be serviced and will be referred to a doctor for proper care. Future service will not be provided until a doctor’s approval for services stating your condition has been cleared, in writing on office letterhead is provided. I am not a doctor. I cannot provide services on anyone unless their feet, nails, skin, hands are in normal/healthy condition regardless of what other salons have done. This is for your health and safety as well as the health and safety of me and my clients. 
*AFTERCARE: Most manicure services are designed to be redone about every 2-3 weeks when proper aftercare is followed. I strongly recommend no longer than 4 weeks between appointments. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to have breaks, lifting, chipping and general breakdown of the nail coating which causes damage to the natural nail. Excess damage or missing nails may result in additional charges to repair/replace the nail. Please use your Dadi’oil a minimum of twice per day…every day! Dry nails will curl and pull away from the nail coating & the nail coating will become brittle. Certain lifestyles require more than twice a day application. Healthy nails are happy nails! Please do not pick or peel off your nail coatings or use nails as tools. This damages the natural nail and effects the adhesion of any future products that I apply.
Pedicure aftercare will be provided during service to individualize care to each client’s needs.

*Arrive with makeup completely removed. 
*Read and carefully complete all day before prep instructions for Spray Tanning. 

*Hair must be about the length of a grain of rice. Aftercare details will be provided at appointment. Please consult via phone for details. 

*Methods of Payment accepted are: Cash and Apple Pay. Zelle will be accepted if necessary, but is not preferred. Apple Pay must be set up in advance from your smartphone or computer so you can verify your account. 

*Cancellations must be 48 hours (not 2 days) prior to your scheduled appointment. Less than 48hrs notice or late arrival will result in a fee of 50% of your booked services. I cannot accept late clients as I have the next client scheduled immediately following each appointment. You are responsible for being on time. Clients will no longer be scheduled after repeat cancellations without a 50% booking fee paid in advance to hold an appointment. This fee will go towards said appointment provided you arrive and are on time. Balance will be due at the appointment. I will no longer book any client who is a No Call/No Show. Please understand that I need a full 48 hours to try to fill cancelled appointments. I hold appointment times exclusively for you and I honor them so you do not have to wait.
Need to change or cancel your appointment? Please contact The Polished Pinkie at 630-234-3041 via text or call. Please do not respond to automated emails/texts to cancel or reschedule.

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