Why are my natural nails curling under my gel!?

Are your natural nails separating from under your gel polish or enhancements?

Dehydrated nails will shrink and curl away from gel polish and other enhancements. It will lead to a higher likelihood of your gel polish or enhancement lifting/peeling/chipping/cracking as your nail separates from the product you are wearing.

•Are you using Nail Oil?•

In order to keep the nail and the coating flexible, it must be well moisturized. This is even more critical in the colder months due to heat being turned on and less humidity in the air. In order to maintain your nails, you must use a high quality nail oil. I recommend Dadi’Oil. You must apply and rub it into the top and under the nails a minimum of two times a day, everyday.

However, for some people and for certain lifestyles, application is required more often. Additionally, using gloves for cleaning with chemicals or washing dishes is necessary.

Healthy nails are happy nails!

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