What makes my services different?

What makes my nail services different?

A great question, that I get often. Let me start by saying, I don’t “just paint nails.”
Gel Polish is available in stores for anyone to do at home. That is “just painting nails.”

What I offer is a professional and complete manicure or pedicure individualized for each client’s needs.
I’m different because:
•I’m highly educated (I’m also a college graduate and licensed esthetician along with the hundreds of hours of continuing education in which I’ve invested).
•I understand the chemistry behind the products I use.
•I know & follow the Illinois State Board Regulations.
•I have 27 years of experience.
•I meet & exceed Continuing Education requirements every single renewal period.
•I use high quality, safe products.
•I follow sanitation protocols for everyone’s safety.
•I do not use banned ingredients just because they’re cheaper and will increase my margins.
•I do not welcome my clients into a building filled with dangerous fumes & dust due to improper ventilation.
•I make cosmetic improvements to your nails & skin (as seen in the photo).
•I listen to your requests and discuss possibilities with you.
•I explain how you can care for your nails, hands, feet, & skin at home for proper maintenance and improvement.
•I’m here for you. My focus is the client in my chair, not the next person who may walk in.
•I work by appointment only to give each client the time needed to provide a gentle, safe, and immaculate service.

Yes, my appointments are longer than what you may experience in a walk-in type nail establishment and it’s worth it.
I’m so blessed to have a wonderful client base. As time allows, I look forward to adding more clients & growing the esthetics side of my business as well.

Thank you for your support & encouragement over the years. Thank you for referring your friends & family. It is the greatest compliment. Thank you for every kind word, social media comments, likes, shares & follows.
I appreciate you all. Much love 💕

I love this transformation.

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