What makes my services different?

What makes my nail services different? A great question, that I get often. Let me start by saying, I don’t “just paint nails.”Gel Polish is available in stores for anyone to do at home. That is “just painting nails.” What I offer is a professional and complete manicure or pedicure individualized for each client’s needs.I’m… Continue reading What makes my services different?

My Amazon Favorites

I often get asked for product recommendations. These are items I have purchased and use regularly. Visit this post often as I will continue to add to it. Click the items to find my most often requested favorites! Follow me on Instagram to see my work and learn more tips! This post contains affiliate links.… Continue reading My Amazon Favorites

Why are my natural nails curling under my gel!?

Are your natural nails separating from under your gel polish or enhancements? Dehydrated nails will shrink and curl away from gel polish and other enhancements. It will lead to a higher likelihood of your gel polish or enhancement lifting/peeling/chipping/cracking as your nail separates from the product you are wearing. •Are you using Nail Oil?• In… Continue reading Why are my natural nails curling under my gel!?