How to care for gel polished nails

Aftercare for Gel Polish

Gel Polish works best on healthy nails. The longevity of your gel manicure will depend on individual lifestyle and aftercare. It will typically last up to 14 days, for many even longer. Read on for aftercare advise:

Use nail/cuticle oil regularly. Make sure to apply all around, under, and on the nail. After applying, gently rub it in to assist with absorption. This must be done at MINIMUM, twice per day. It will keep your nails and gel polish flexible, moisturized, nourished and healthy.

Wear Gloves when using cleaning products, gardening, & washing dishes (for examples). There are many chemicals that will cause gel polish to lift and peel.

•Do not bite, pick, cut or file your nails as this will cause the gel polish bond to become weakened. This will lead to lifting or peeling and can cause damage to the natural nail plate. Peeling or picking will remove nail layers and weaken the nail. Please make regular appointments to maintain your nails. Wearing gel polish beyond the life of the manicure will lead to gel polish breakdown and lead to damage. Some can wear 10 days and some can wear 21 days. Everyone is different with respect to lifestyles and body chemistry.

Avoid intense heat for 24hrs after application-no sauna or tanning beds. Tanning beds aren’t a good idea for the duration of the manicure. Additionally, prolonged submerging in water will lead to early breakdown as well.

•Always wash hands after applying tanning lotions, tinted lotions/makeup, insect repellents, & hair products. Some of the ingredients in these products can discolor, weaken or fade gel polish.

•Do not use your nails to peel, pry, or open anything nor put unnecessary pressure on them (such as unbuckling seat belts).

If you wish to remove your gel polish please make an appointment for  safe removal.

Treat your nails like jewels not toolsTreat your nails gently. Gel polish is not indestructible. It’s a longer wearing type of nail polish and should not be treated as if it is acrylic overlay. Although, even acrylics should be treated like jewels even though it is harder than gel polish.

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